Judith-Kate Friedman is an award-winning vocalist, composer, performing songwriter, producer, and musical catalyst. She writes about love, witness, loss, gratitude, justice, risk, and change from the inside out. Attuned to texture, impassioned by sound, her voice rises a cappella from LowerEastSide streets, follows guitar fingerstyling pulses and grooves, and heads west. In her songs, poetic vistas open onto beauty. Inner landscapes insist on mystery. Life can be revelatory and startling as Doug fir branches against a sudden snowstorm sky. In her concerts, workshops, and community projects, she spreads a welcoming table of song, story, and humor, upwelling from her folk/Jewish/roots heritage.

In 2020, with the release of Songwriting Works’ Life’s a Song album, Judith-Kate is celebrating 30 years as a master facilitator and artist-in-residence in communities. She has collaborated with thousands of people to collectively compose hundreds of songs. She founded Songwriting Works, a 501c3 charitable organization to train dozens of professional songwriters, artists, and care providers in using music to enhance the lives of those in greatest need.

Her vision is to build on recent research confirming the efficacy of these methods and expand the cohort of professional songwriters working together to two in every US state and territory. (Learn more here.)

In the world Judith-Kate works to sustain, everyone has a place and a voice. Her wish is to deepen our capacity to listen and experience the creative power made possible when we‘re willing, honest, and kind with each other and the Living World. Hope is in the air. Home is in us and in every space we make sacred. Love gets to win. Join in. Sing on!

Photo: Roz Powell